“Margo is effective in a wide range of workplaces from a local engineering company to a large corporation. Staff are united at a new level, with a bigger picture for the future & a fresh view of possibilities.” Dr Ken.

“Manage Anxieties

I came along to learn how to manage my anxieties & now I don’t know why I took me so long to get assistance – I get a plumber for the plumbing and now I can recommend Margo for your life – she’s good!”

“Happier & Resolved

Without exception I feel happier & resolved whenever I leave a consultation with Margo. The work seems to continue for days after”

“Straight to the Essence

Margo cuts straight to the essence of the issue, but so gently that you don’t realize how deeply you are being challenged until you see the breadth of healing that has happened.”

“Changes were Immediate

"Margo's approach is completely refreshing and incredibly effective. She has worked with our organization (a rapidly growing climate change solutions business) as well as the Principals of the business to great effect. The changes were immediate and profound. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks." Lyn Beinat - Co-founder ecoMaster


I feel soooo much better – I have resolved some haunting worries – seemingly stuck stuff that had been popping up repeatedly in my life & I am now confident –yay!”


Margo has empowered me to tackle life's hurdles.”


This is just what I needed – I know how to keep myself in balance no matter what is happening I am on my way to a more fulfilling life.”

Margo’s Philosophy

Margo works with the following assumptions and principles:

  1. Vision + Action = Results. When we can create a clear vision for ourselves and we add in some action steps we will get results – simple as that!
  2. We create our own realities through our thoughts and beliefs, and beliefs are not the ‘truth’. Remember people once believed that the world was flat! Our thoughts and beliefs can be transformed simply and easily through a variety of modern mind science techniques (eg Psych-k and hypnosis) and ancient knowledge and wisdom (meditations and visioning).
  3. You don’t have to be ‘faulty’ to get help. Life is a learning journey for everybody. We can easily uncover forgotten strengths and resources with a coach and discover that apparently insurmountable difficulties can become mere ‘mole hills’ on looking back.
  4. The client isn’t the problem – the problem is the problem. Therapy isn’t about fixing people but about finding solutions to problems.
  5. At least 30% of the effectiveness of therapy has to do with a good therapeutic relationship – as defined by the client. Clients make therapy successful – not therapists. The desire for change is vital for change to take to take place.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a highly focused state of attention in which we are able to access a wealth of resources for self-growth and change.

Hypnosis is not about a therapist controlling the mind of the client. Clients are not unconscious and do not lose control. People will not do things under hypnosis that they would be unwilling to do otherwise.