“Margo is effective in a wide range of workplaces from a local engineering company to a large corporation. Staff are united at a new level, with a bigger picture for the future & a fresh view of possibilities.” Dr Ken.

“Manage Anxieties

I came along to learn how to manage my anxieties & now I don’t know why I took me so long to get assistance – I get a plumber for the plumbing and now I can recommend Margo for your life – she’s good!”

“Happier & Resolved

Without exception I feel happier & resolved whenever I leave a consultation with Margo. The work seems to continue for days after”

“Straight to the Essence

Margo cuts straight to the essence of the issue, but so gently that you don’t realize how deeply you are being challenged until you see the breadth of healing that has happened.”

“Changes were Immediate

"Margo's approach is completely refreshing and incredibly effective. She has worked with our organization (a rapidly growing climate change solutions business) as well as the Principals of the business to great effect. The changes were immediate and profound. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks." Lyn Beinat - Co-founder ecoMaster


I feel soooo much better – I have resolved some haunting worries – seemingly stuck stuff that had been popping up repeatedly in my life & I am now confident –yay!”


Margo has empowered me to tackle life's hurdles.”


This is just what I needed – I know how to keep myself in balance no matter what is happening I am on my way to a more fulfilling life.”

Individual Services

Margo offers the following services to individuals from her practices in North Melbourne and Gisborne.

WORKSHOP: Enough of this! Breaking through to the Best You.

Ken Stewart (Network Chiropractor) and I are co facilitating a two day transformational workshop called Enough of this! Breaking through to the Best You.

This workshop creates the opportunity and support needed to break through stuck ‘same old’ patterns that can hold each of us back.

The workshop will be a mixture of body and energetic work – (network care), powerful manifesting meditations, specific breathing exercises, discussion and reflection exercises. At the end of the workshop you will have developed a personal mantra for the best you and will have a whole new way of looking at yourself. The workshop is rich and personalized and will have lasting impact long after the weekend. A great investment.

Four Network care sessions are included in the weekend – if you are new to this modality go to:

Dates: July  2013

Time: 9am – 5.30pm

Cost: $620

Venue: Enkindle Wellness Rooms, level 1/632 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

Lunches and refreshments included.

Places are limited.

Book in or get more information from either Margo or Ken –  or


Margo is an accredited facilitator of Psych-K® . This is a fast process that changes beliefs using kinesiology, brain gym and hypnotic techniques. It is a very effective way to re-write the limiting parts of our minds ‘software’. Old problems just “die off” as new patterns quickly emerge.

Psych-K® is a structured process with sometimes ‘eyes closed’ time. It works well in corporate or private settings. Appointments are one-on-one consultations. For more information go to or ask Margo.


Hypnosis and Mentoring

Hypnosis is useful for general problem solving, physical illnesses, work related issues, finding a new direction, wellbeing and more. Some clients visit on a regular basis to simply ‘report in’, seeking assistance to keep their life on track and or to resolve particular issues in order to lead a more fulfilled life.


Hypnotherapy is a form of problem solving and/or self knowledge involving the use of focused concentration. All hypnosis is really self hypnosis, as the client always remains in complete control of the experience


Intuitive mentoring

How does this work?

Margo starts with the idea that:

• you are not ‘broken’, ‘bad’ or imperfect
• Margo is not a fixer, an expert, an authority or a savior
• the body-mind-spirit is all in one, inseparable
• there is a higher purpose for our experiences of life – both the good and ‘bad’

From these perspectives she offers intuitive mentoring as part of a co-creative partnership with you: Together we explore ways to unfold the blessings and expand the possibilities that are hidden in the twists and turns that is your life path. I use counselling and hypnotherapy as aids to this process. 

Generally people end up with a greater understanding and range of options for their life. This provides inspiration for action and uncovers confidence, self determination and mastery.


Sleep Skills ‘School’

Margo regularly conducts a sleep skills school for people who have all sorts of sleep problems. Conducted in a group of 6-8 people over two to three sessions, this program is held in high regard by attendees.
“I get ‘fan mail’ from previous participants and their partners long after the program has finished thanking me for resolving their problem.”



Personal Intention Program

Held in January each year, this workshop assists individuals to focus on what they want to achieve over the coming year. The program is designed to stimulate our creative process in a very practical way, and strategies for achieving our goals. Participants focus on their own vision and leave the program feeling committed and enabled to bring what they want into their life.



Meditation Practice

Margo has been teaching meditation for more than 20 years and conducts regular ongoing classes and one-off seminars. Her long term experience and learning has been with Ken and Elizabeth Mellor and the Biame Network, and in more recent years with Fiona Lee. See philosophy section for more information.


One on one appointments with Margo

Create your vision and make it come true. Margo Field is a trained Hypnotherapist and Mentor who helps people resolve problems, clarify their visions and achieve what they want in their lives. Margo has a warm, direct approach that both empowers her clients and gives tailored guidance to help you see the forest for the trees.

Typical issues that Margo addresses include:

  • Career/Life direction
  • Anxiety issues
  • Job Interviews
  • Sleep problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Self esteem

Typical results:

“I feel soooo much better – I have resolved some haunting worries – seemingly stuck stuff that had been popping up repeatedly in my life & I am now confident –yay!”

“ I came along to learn how to manage my anxieties & now I don’t know why I took me so long to get assistance – I get a plumber for the plumbing and now I can recommend Margo for your life – she’s good!”

“this is just what I needed – I now have perspective on my concerns and am on my way to a more fulfilling life”

“life changing”.

Margo Field – Supporting a fulfilling life for you!