“Margo is effective in a wide range of workplaces from a local engineering company to a large corporation. Staff are united at a new level, with a bigger picture for the future & a fresh view of possibilities.” Dr Ken.

“Manage Anxieties

I came along to learn how to manage my anxieties & now I don’t know why I took me so long to get assistance – I get a plumber for the plumbing and now I can recommend Margo for your life – she’s good!”

“Happier & Resolved

Without exception I feel happier & resolved whenever I leave a consultation with Margo. The work seems to continue for days after”

“Straight to the Essence

Margo cuts straight to the essence of the issue, but so gently that you don’t realize how deeply you are being challenged until you see the breadth of healing that has happened.”

“Changes were Immediate

"Margo's approach is completely refreshing and incredibly effective. She has worked with our organization (a rapidly growing climate change solutions business) as well as the Principals of the business to great effect. The changes were immediate and profound. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks." Lyn Beinat - Co-founder ecoMaster


I feel soooo much better – I have resolved some haunting worries – seemingly stuck stuff that had been popping up repeatedly in my life & I am now confident –yay!”


Margo has empowered me to tackle life's hurdles.”


This is just what I needed – I know how to keep myself in balance no matter what is happening I am on my way to a more fulfilling life.”

Margo’s work is based on the following modalities:


Margo starts with the idea that we are not ‘broken’, ‘bad’ or imperfect and that there is a higher purpose for our experiences of life – both the good and ‘bad’. From these perspectives she offers intuitive mentoring as part of a co-creative partnership with you. This is a specific kind of counselling and coaching style that is solution oriented rather than problem focussed.


Hypnotherapy is a form of problem solving and/or self knowledge involving the use of focused concentration. All hypnosis is really self hypnosis, as the client always remains in complete control of the experience. Margo is trained in the Ericksonian indirect method – “the Rolls Royce” of hypnosis.

Psych K®

Margo is an accredited facilitator of Psych-K® . This is a fast process that changes beliefs using kinesiology, brain gym and hypnotic techniques. It is a very effective way to re-write the limiting parts of our minds ‘software’. Old problems just die off as new patterns quickly emerge. For more information go to or ask Margo.


Margo has been teaching meditation for more than 20 years and conducts regular ongoing classes and one-off seminars. Her long term experience and learning have been influenced by a wide range of disciplines from ancient traditions
practical applications for busy modern lifestyles.