Meditation Retreat in the hills of UBUD



“Margo is effective in a wide range of workplaces from a local engineering company to a large corporation. Staff are united at a new level, with a bigger picture for the future & a fresh view of possibilities.” Dr Ken.

“Manage Anxieties

I came along to learn how to manage my anxieties & now I don’t know why I took me so long to get assistance – I get a plumber for the plumbing and now I can recommend Margo for your life – she’s good!”

“Happier & Resolved

Without exception I feel happier & resolved whenever I leave a consultation with Margo. The work seems to continue for days after”

“Straight to the Essence

Margo cuts straight to the essence of the issue, but so gently that you don’t realize how deeply you are being challenged until you see the breadth of healing that has happened.”

“Changes were Immediate

"Margo's approach is completely refreshing and incredibly effective. She has worked with our organization (a rapidly growing climate change solutions business) as well as the Principals of the business to great effect. The changes were immediate and profound. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks." Lyn Beinat - Co-founder ecoMaster


I feel soooo much better – I have resolved some haunting worries – seemingly stuck stuff that had been popping up repeatedly in my life & I am now confident –yay!”


Margo has empowered me to tackle life's hurdles.”


This is just what I needed – I know how to keep myself in balance no matter what is happening I am on my way to a more fulfilling life.”

Meditation Adventure Retreat in

 UBUD in the beautiful hills of BALI

Enjoy an all-inclusive retreat

Transform to a better YOU

12-18 July 2015

  • Discover YOUR best meditation style.
  • Learn which techniques will suit your particular lifestyle and personality.
  • Create a personal ‘toolkit’ of powerful ways to be balanced in your daily life.
  • Non-religious. Real world stuff.
  • A short sharp investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
  • Compact and personal program.
  • Tools to use yourself or teach clients, family, kids and friends.
  • Practitioners can learn for business/client use and enjoy a tax-deductible retreat

Retreat Package Features


√       Gorgeous small boutique accommodation. Large rooms with individual verandas;

√         All meals, land transport, accommodation, tuition and activities;

√         Twice daily meditation classes;

√         Two rejuvenating massages by especially trained therapists;

√         Visit Gungung Batur volcano for meditation and a lake swim;

√         Balinese cuisine instruction;

√         Visit to sacred Tirta Empul;

√         Small group – no kids.

√         Learn for business/client use and enjoy a tax-deductible retreat.

Ancient, Pure and Delightful 

Do you wish you had more access to your own wisdom, instead of seeking it from other people?

Doyou feel the weight of all the “should do’s” in your life?

Do you ever get the sense that you are pretending to be someone other than who you really are? Enjoy practicing meditation twice a day with support and guidance as to the best styles for YOU.

Enjoy other optional activities in this beautiful location.

Really nurture yourself & learn new ways to

make peace with yourself, both inside & out.

Return to your world refreshed and reorganized to  a higher state of wellbeing.

Margo will lead the group through a wide variety of meditation experiences and provide individual suggestions on which techniques will suit your particular lifestyle and personality.

 Meditation for Dynamic Balance

Meditation is a path to mental peace, emotional comfort, physical ease and spiritual harmony. We can meditate to ease daily life, manage a life situation or to develop wisdom and intuition. It provides poise and equilibrium.

Daily life balance is dynamic, not static. Our life is never still, so balance isn’t either.

Maybe you meditate and want to experience more. Perhaps you have never meditated or been ‘successful’ at it but really want to experience its joys. In this retreat you will be supported to find the meditation styles that suit you. There are many meditation options including:

  • Breathing meditations
  • Mantra meditations
  • Moving meditations
  • High tech meditations
  • Clearing meditations
  • Chakra meditations
  • Sound healing
  • Cosmos linking meditations; and
  • Specific grounding and centering meditations, just right for you.


  • 10-bedroom holistic retreat, 1.5 km from Ubud township in Bali.
  • Eco-friendly and surrounded by jungle and rice fields.
  • Away from hustles and hassles.
  • 2 swimming pools, dining room, spa and a beautiful meditation/yoga pavilion.
  • For your ultimate serenity, children under 14 are not permitted at the retreat.
  • Comfortable, yet unpretentious, each room is air conditioned, has its own terrace with garden mini-bar, bathtub and shower.

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The price is inclusive of everything described above (& more). The fee is calculated in US dollars and the exchange rate is calculated on the day of payment.

Single:   US$ 2,300
Twin:     US$ 1,950