Margo’s Tips

Procrastination allows you to avoid uncomfortable emotions such as fear, self doubt, lack of confidence or overwhelm. Fear of rejection will manifest as a lack of confidence in anything you do and drive a withdrawing of energy from people that will INCREASE their mistrust of you (therefore creating a self fulfilling prophecy). So – don’t […]

When you authentically smile – ie not in a false or Dr. Evil sort of way- it tells people you are not a threat, which calms the ancient, evolutionary tendency to be wary of others, and thus inclines them to be more open to you.


Laughing and playing during some part of every day is natural. It goes against your fundamental biochemistry to NOT do so. Go on – watch something stupid that makes you laugh, get up and dance and sing out loud, phone a friend and tell them something funny. Its GOOD for you


The client isn’t the problem – the problem is the problem. Therapy isn’t about fixing people but about finding solutions to problem.

Emotional contagion, when you smile and thus feel and act better, influences others to feel and act better, too.go on, start a smile revolution.

Close your eyes and just tune in to your breath. NICE…. slow…..

A Rabbit Noticed My Condition by St John of the Cross (16th Century Spanish Mystic) I was sad one day and went for a walk; I sat in a field. A rabbit noticed my condition and came near. It often does not take more than that to help at times – to just be close […]

If I ask people what has changed in their life recently that they would like to continue, and what has worked for them, and what works for them from time to time, they will tell me. The emphasis is on solution talk – not problem talk and not “disease” model thinking. This is how I […]


Know that deep inside of you – in your innermost spiritual sanctum, is the real stuff – the part of you that knows real stuff, useful stuff – what’s really right for you. Tune in by listening deeply to the small still voice inside.



Focus on what you are sure about. And when you are not sure say to yourself “the answer is coming to me – soon!” not – “I don’t know….”