Meditation Retreat in the hills of UBUD

Meditation Adventure Retreat in  UBUD in the beautiful hills of BALI Enjoy an all-inclusive retreat Transform to a better YOU 12-18 July 2015 Read more

Margo’s tips

Uncomfortable emotions

Make friends with uncomfortable emotions – don’t be intimidated by crappy feelings that can stop you achieving your dreams – say “I can” and conquer. Avoiding taking actions because of uncomfortable emotions is the difference between a leader/creator and someone slinking around half hearted in life.

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mind power

Know that deep inside of you – in your innermost spiritual sanctum, is the real stuff – the part of you that knows real stuff, useful stuff – what’s really right for you. Tune in by listening deeply to the small still voice inside.

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Be Silly

Don’t worry about looking foolish. The only time you really look silly is when you’re popping pills from a bottle while your natural pharmaceuticals are just waiting to be released from every cell of your body mind by BEING SILLY!

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Welcome, Personal training for heart, mind and spirit

Margo Field, rare, unique and talented Australian practitioner, is an experienced facilitator for individuals and corporate teams. When, through various life challenges, people feel like they have become disconnected to their own power and wisdom, Margo provides them with highly evolved strategies – in effect - a new road map - to guide and facilitate transformation.(Read More)